Are You Ready For Your Adventure?

Here is a little info on what to expect for your session and some tips to help you prepare!

Are You Ready For Your Adventure?

Here is a little info on what to expect for your session and some tips to help you prepare!

What To Expect

I know for a lot of people photos are uncomfortable and nerve wracking. The best way to get amazing photos is to relax, and the best way to be able to relax is to know what's going to happen! Thats why I made this guide, to help you know what to expect and also some tips for the session that will help it run as smoothly as possible.

What Is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is an approach that focuses less on posed shots and more on candid, genuine moments. The goal through this is to capture your individual dynamic, your unique story, and how you truly connect. So, to do that I will mainly be using prompts and light posing to guide you through the session, help ease your nerves, and get you relaxed and genuinely connecting. Don't worry though, even though we won't be doing a lot of posing, I will be sure to get at least one "Christmas card" photo where everyone is looking at the camera, haha!

My Goal for Our Session

My main goal during our session is to help you to let go of all the stress, and just enjoy yourself and this time with you family for however long our session is. I want you to forget about the finances, the school projects, and work deadlines....the laundry at home and the argument you probably had on the way to your session about running late (yes, I've been there haha!)- all of it. I don't want you to forget about it because none of it is important, but because I know how much the stress of life can pile up and leave you overwhelmed, running around, and missing precious moments with the people you love most. So, for just an hour or thirty minutes on one day, I want to be able to give you time to be present. To snuggle and hug and love on your people and be reminded of what is the most important thing in life. And then I want to capture those snuggles and laughter and (even the tears sometimes) and freeze them for you forever to always have to look back on.

During The Session

What is Your Job?

Your job is simple: show up and forget about everything! Sounds simple but harder to actually execute, right? I totally understand. So here are a couple of simple but practical tips for how to truly let go and just enjoy this time.

  • Let the kids be kids!

Seriously, do not stress about them at all. I am a mama of 3 kiddos 3 and under so I completely understand that you're doing well to get them to sit for 2.5 seconds, if even. Thats the beauty of how I shoot though, the don't have to be sitting and smiling at the camera for an hour. Let them run and climb rocks and pick flowers. I will get on their level and capture the beauty that's right in front of me. I want to photograph their real personalities for you and that often happens when they're just allowed to be free.

So don't worry about telling them to sit still or say cheese, your only job is to keep them safe, and just love on your babies! Seriously, parenting is off the table for this hour!! (Enjoy the break haha!)

  • Don't Look at the Camera

I know the natural reaction with a camera is to smile and say "cheese!", but I'm going to tell you to do the exact opposite! As much as possible, don't look at the camera. I want candid, pure moments between you and your family. Nothing forced or stuffy. So take that off your mind, and don't worry about making the kids look either! (Also don't stress, I promise I won't leave you hanging, I'll be giving gentle guidance for where to stand or how to move.)

  • Always Be Touching

I love to have depth and emotion to my sessions and photos, and that often comes through touch. So, if you're having a moment where you feel awkward and you're not sure what to do with your hands or where to look, think "look and touch". Snuggle your baby, kiss your husband. Look into your teen's eyes and stroke your daughter's hair. You can never go wrong with affection in our sessions. It might feel weird but trust me, it'll be beautiful.